Shopping & Feed Management

Optimize your feed management, catalog sales, and shopping eperience with cutting-edge campaigns.

Create a complete and extraordinary shopping experience.

Revolutionize your customers' shopping journey with clever strategies and world-class partnerships.

Shopping Feed

Segmentation strategies for greater success.

We have acquired valuable knowledge on how to optimize your shoppers' journey.

By using segmentation strategies we can efficiently increase keywords relevancy to optimize results more than considerably. To do so we split your product listing into precise sets of keywords.

This strategy gives better results for each product search query and positively impacts your retailing activities.

A wise use of technology to power up your management.

Google through Google Shopping auction is once again at the forefront of another customer experience. Haberland Digital has developed its own technology and also uses third-party technology to manage all product feeds in-house in order to comply with Google's particular characteristics that highly enhance the shopping results.

This technology allows us to centralize the product feed management and make it easier to deal with. In the same trend, we incorporated bidding and traffic strategy components to make it a complete management suite.

This means we can maximize search relevancy by including performance-based search term data, thus resulting in improved product messaging, targeting, and coverage against the highest value search queries for your products.


Cross-marketing power.

As you most likely have other insightful data from your other marketing channels, why not take advantage of that gold mine?

Data is key and the key is data.

We highly recommend to use such valuable information to unlock more potential for your brand and business by using other channels like Affiliate, Display, and Paid Social to greatly enhance results and grow faster.


Size doesn't matter, we can handle it.

Whether you have a small or large SKU count, we can help you.

We have experience with both extremes and everything in between.

Some world-class tools are also at our disposal to raise your brand's performance to a whole new level of growth and success.


We partner with industry leaders.

We have built strong partnerships with key players in the industry. These well established relationships give us access to technological beauties, so as channels and vendors at scale, like Facebook, Google, Bing, Search Ads 360, and more.

Creative the ultimate shopping experience.

Here are some other complementing services that greatly impact shopping results and feed management efficiency:
Paid Search, Paid Social, and Amazon Marketplace services.

Holding other keys to your success.

Our sister companies can also provide you with added value through their own specialized and complementary services.

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Strategy, Technology & Transformation

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Reach the next level of success.

Reach the next level
of success.

Discuss with us to see how we can improve your shopping feed management and data feed implementation.