Paid Search

Invest in search visibility to skyrocket your brand's performance.

A place of choice for your brand's visibility.

Make sure that your targeted audience can see you everywhere with highly relevant keywords and PPC optimization.

Paid Search

Search results that make a big difference.

All of our search engine marketing plans are on a case-by-case basis and consistently optimized to fulfill and surpass your business objectives.

We establish strategic planning with you based on your own paid search marketing history, your competition, some market research and other key components to get the best possible outcome.


Targeting accuracy.

Based on our research and deep analysis we are able to reach your targeted audience where it matters.

Reaching the right audience for you means higher conversion rates.


Testing & Optimizing.

The World Wide Web is a constantly evolving environment. What used to work a year ago may not work as of today.

For that reason, it is more than important to do continuous testing in order to fine tune your paid search campaigns so they are fully optimized for the time being.


Experts and technology for ultimate optimization.

We use technological tools to automate a portion of your paid search campaigns, though our team of experts is always supervising the automations to assure maximum performance.


Relevant insights integration.

Data has and always will be a gold mine. To that effect, we love to enhance your paid search campaigns by collecting information from your CRM. In addition extensive keywords research is conducted to make sure to get the best results. 

Our experts are also geniuses at implement bidding rules that are highly renumerative.


Make the most out of it.

Paid search campaigns alone can give great results but even greater when accompanied with advanced analytics and other channels.

Holding other keys to your success.

Our sister companies can also provide you with added value through their own specialized and complementary services.

Haberland Consulting

Haberland Consulting is a modern consulting firm focused on strategy, technology, and business transformation.

Strategy, Technology & Transformation

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Haberland Media

Haberland Media is the foundation that led to the expansion into Haberland Group in 2020 and is still the largest operated holding company. The agency is an international creative services firm, servicing clients across the globe.

Creative Services

Reach out to Haberland Media to know about other ways to increase your exposure and growth.

Haberland Design

Haberland Design is a state of the art design and high-tech agency which builds world-class products for the digital age.

Design & High-Tech Agency

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Haberland Podcasts

Haberland Podcasts is a cutting-edge podcast agency specializing in podcast advertising, podcast guest bookings, and podcast interview bookings.

Advertising & Bookings

Reach out to Haberland Podcasts to know about other ways to expand your exposure and growth.

Reach the next level of success.

Reach the next level
of success.

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