Mobile App Marketing

A performance-based procedure that broadens your audience and maximizes results.

Place your brand on the forefront with a comprehensive mobile app marketing strategy.

A solid mobile app marketing strategy ensures an increased visibility and extends the lifecycle of your app by engaging with your targeted audience on a deeper level.

Mobile App Marketing

A dynamic strategy to mobile app marketing.

User acquisition is just the tip of the iceberg.

In order to really succeed in the mobile app world you must acquire the right audience for your brand’s application. Though, acquiring the right audience is not all. Your audience must constantly be engaged and reengaged to extend your app's lifecycle. Your app must also constantly be upgraded, improved and much more to retain users and increase net new users, but also to keep current customers loyal. All of the above will ultimately drive positive revenue for your mobile application.

To realize that we consistently procure your customers with new experiential features and engaging techniques so they continually come back. We combine strategic CRM efforts with eye-catching creative and advanced analytics support such as SMS, push notifications, in-app messages, and email campaigns to raise the threshold. In each of Haberland Digital teams of experts is a mobile app master whom brings added insights to create dynamic  results-driven strategies across ASO, email, paid media, and more.

The ultimate goal is to retain and gain a highly qualified and engaged application user base, generate daily activity, and monetize your audience with ease.


Rise to the top with an eye-catching brand image.

The amount of apps on Apple App and Google Play stores is overwhelming and makes it even more difficult to be noticed. There are over 4 million apps and with 65 percent of downloads coming from searches on the App Store, it is crucial to rise above. Our App Store Optimization (ASO) service is exactly what you need to do so.

ASO is the equivalent of SEO for mobile applications. ASO provides an organic way to improve your app ranking, downloads, and visibility by getting listed for the right audience.

Optimizing your app listing with strategic keywords, eye-catching creative, and a smart review strategy is what our team of experts can help you with. The above mentioned will help users find, download, and start using your mobile app. Furthermore, ASO also helps your paid media's efficiency, and vice versa, so it’s a win-win combination.


Get on top and showcase your app.

Analytics and search results tell a lot. For your app to reach the top ten for your target keywords you have to use other means to make it happen. Channels like Apple Search Ads help to increase visibility and downloads for your app. 70% of App Store visitors use search to find apps, and these paid ads give you a place of choice to get their attention—at the top of Apple App Store search.

Apple Search Ads support installs, traffic, and user acquisition for iOS users on iPhones and iPads. The conversion rate is quite impressive reaching 50% for downloads.

Our expert team combines user type and keyword targeting, along with eye-catching creative to launch ASAs that showcase your app’s unique abilities and essentially place your brand in the forefront.

Increase and optimize your reach.

From our experience the most successful campaigns are multi-channels ones. When we put up a campaign for your mobile app we look at the whole picture—who, what, and most importantly, where. We combine a multitude of campaign types and networks to optimize your reach and create lasting success.

Google App Campaigns (GAC) allow you to reach both iOS and Android users across Display, Google’s in-app inventory on AdMob, Search, Google Play and YouTube all at once.

Paid social media campaigns across Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, TikTok, and Twitter allow to increase awareness whilst targeting the right audience. These campaigns are also essential to acquiring and activating targeted users so as to keeping them loyal to your brand.

Our mobile app display campaigns are comprehensive in order to be effective while focusing on transparency, fraud mitigation, and trading excellence to create a much greater the reach.

Based on your specific needs and goals, we know where and how to buy to make sure you are getting the most qualified users for your app.


Make decisions based on facts.

Fraud prevention is essential in this day and age as mobile fraud rates are growing. Fraudulent installs and attribution can be deadly for your app, brand, and company if you do not take those in consideration. For those reasons we include fraud prevention into every mobile app strategy in order to protect our clients’ investment.

We partner with Integral Ad Science (IAS) and other third-party solutions to keep your brand safe and mitigate fraud in our programs. Among the most common risks are serving bots, device farms, post-install attribution fraud, and running in non-brand safe environments. 

To keep track of all this and to keep an eye on campaign performance, so as attributing your media buys properly, a third-party tracking via a mobile measurement partner (MMP) you trust is a must.

Haberland Digital's clients are leveraging all the major MMPs, including AppsFlyer and Kochava. We solely work with partners who have brand and fraud safety measures in place.

Furthermore, Haberland Digital is currently developing an intelligent platform that will with customized dashboards that unite all data and campaigns in one single place. 

Partner with the best.

We excel in many domains and partner with the best when they do it even better than we do so we can fully  maximize your mobile app marketing. We also believe in having a dedicated team that oversees each client's unique goals and audience, including competitor research and programmatic bidding.

You brand has direct access to key players as we maintain close relationships with our partners such as Apple, Facebook, and Google. This is really helpful to know what is working or not, what is coming next and always stay on top of Android, iOS, and industry developments, hence ahead of your competition.


Level up your strategy.

Marketing is one of the many facets to create lasting success. Here are some other powerful services that we recommend to couple with your mobile app marketing so your app and brand stand apart.

Holding other keys to your success.

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Reach the next level of success.

Reach the next level
of success.

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