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Your brand doctor on Amazon.

Amazon Store is a powerful asset to provide an extraordinary shopping experience and must be used to exclusively showcase your brand and products.

Aesthetics is what people notice in the first place and thus, showcasing an Amazon Store that stands out is of utmost importance to conquer the Marketplace and place your brand at the forefront.

Amazon Stores also provide new opportunities to generate and increase traffic to your entire catalog and ultimately to increase conversion rates.


Haberland Digital has been a terrific partner in helping us scale both our sales and traffic on Amazon. In addition to proactive management of our AMS account, Haberland Digital’s subject matter experts provide cutting-edge tactics and solutions. Moreover, as the marketplace continues to evolve, Haberland Digital works as an agile partner to help us react and grow our business.

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The new digital storefront.

Store platforms and Marketplaces are constantly evolving and for that reason you can no longer simply copy content from your Shopify store or website and cross your fingers hoping that this will work on Amazon. Amazon has its own set of rules, thus implementing a coherent and sophisticated brand strategy that includes optimized media content for Amazon’s store and content pages is the way to go.

Our team of creative experts is passionate about mastering the complex inner workings of the Marketplace. As we love to see our clients succeeding as well, we execute and manage all aspects of the Amazon Creative submission process. Furthermore, we serve as your main point of contact for Amazon.

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Amazon Mobile Store Optimization

Responsive mobile experiences.

Nowadays most of the traffic and purchases come from mobile devices and Amazon is no different on that aspect. It is essential for brands to implement a mobile shopping experience that is outstanding.

We make sure to ease that process and to increase the product discoverability in order to convert more shopper’s purchasing intents and also to scale your scale to the next level on your Amazon Store.

Amazon Store Modules

Brand analysis.

We like to make an in-depth analysis with every of our clients so we can fully immerse into your brand’s culture, objectives and most importantly, to know your target audience on the tip of our fingers. During this process, we evaluate your brand assets & engage in a deep understanding of your brand’s style guidelines, competitive considerations, budget, and site traffic.

After this thorough analysis we design, develop and deploy a state-of-the-art and responsive Amazon Store. We pay great attention to category and product pages optimization that result in greater traffic to your Amazon Product Detail Pages.

Creativity driven conversions.

It is no surprise that the greater the creative content is the greater the conversion rates will be. Countless studies prove it and numbers do not lie. Though, increasing conversions is far from being the only way to benefit from an Amazon Store.

Our account managers work in synergy with our creative team to skyrocket your traffic on Amazon Stores through Facebook audience targeting and Google’s Display Network as well.

The new URL tags on Amazon Store allows us to get comprehensive analytics and campaigns can efficiently be improved on a regular basis to keep achieving better and better results.

Holding other keys to your success.

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Reach the next level of success.

Reach the next level
of success.

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