Amazon & Marketplaces

Comprehensive Amazon & Marketplace marketing strategies.

The most comprehensive Amazon & Marketplace program.

Full-funnel ad campaigns, world-class creative content, and professional operations management are amongst the ways we use to run effective marketing campaigns that allow you to acquire new customers—all soon-to-be powered by our proprietary advertising technology: GeniusX.

Amazon & Marketplaces

Stay on the bleeding edge of technology and trends.

We are among the most knowledgeable Amazon & Marketplace performance marketing agencies. We provide services in all areas of Amazon acceleration for both sellers and vendors, with soon-to-be launched proprietary technology for advertising, reporting, and market analysis.
Our team fully understands what inputs are required to achieve unparalleled success on the Amazon marketplace and how to strategically drive business outcomes.

AI-enabled technology to skyrocket your performance.

We are working on GeniusX as part of our expansion plan for Amazon’s unique closed-loop environment. We constantly improve and expand this eCommerce platform to sell faster, more of your products, across all the industry’s top networks.

Our GeniusX technology identifies incremental budget expansion opportunities across marketplaces. Our technology analyzes budget and keyword trends, historical bids, then recommends areas for growth at the product line level, driving advertising performance and effectively executing on performance trends at scale.

Your accomplice for maximum profitability.

Our passionate team of experts makes sure you stay ahead of Amazon and dominate the marketplace.

In order to excel on Amazon, well defined retail operations and tight inventory management are the foundation for maximum efficiency. They are key to improving purchase orders, buy box percentages, chargebacks, and ad performance on Amazon.

To facilitate your operations management we dedicate our team of operations professionals to work as one with your team to analyze and improve operational procedures. To do so we gather all available data and analytics so you can foresee the demand, purchase orders, and more, with the goal to drive sustainable growth across your Amazon catalog.


You brand deserve to be on top.

For your brand to be at the top it is crucial to have great visibility, this is what will help growing your brand, accelerating your sales and increasing organic ranking on Amazon.

We establish and create campaigns for your sponsored products and sponsored brands based on your needs and objectives with the goal of scaling your business to a world-class status. 

Our specialists utilize targeted search term data and sales objectives to determine how to generate the most out of your catalog. We use different targeting strategies to keep your products in the buying cart and with maximum visibility for your customers.


Reach your shoppers on and off Amazon.

Our expertise allows us to leverage Amazon’s display network to increase brand and product awareness, feed your search and retargeting funnels, and scale growth across your entire catalog.

Amazon’s powerful first-party data is carefully examined to get the attention of brand-agnostic shoppers and retain brand-loyal customers.

Breathtaking creative that converts customers.

Amazon has evolved since its launch and keeps evolving constantly. Various creative components such as a compelling copy, creative detail pages, and premium content like Amazon Stores are now and essential in building a cohesive brand experience on the world’s largest marketplace.

This is why Haberland Digital’s dedicated creative team works with you to build out engaging assets and campaigns for your products that capture customer attention, increase conversion rates, and raise your brand equity on Amazon.


The Genius ecommerce
brand-building asset.

Acquire customers on and off Amazon with funneled advertising campaigns, world-class creative content, and expert operations management—all soon-to-be powered by our proprietary Amazon advertising technology.


The keys to Amazon.

More solutions to level up your Amazon experience and conversions.

Amazon Creative

Amaze your customers with eye-catching visuals and messaging that converts.

Operations Strategy & Management

Improve your operations to world-class standard and inventory management for increased profitability.

Amazon Stores

Stand out from the crowd and get on top an A-rated shopping experience.

Powerful marketplaces beyond Amazon.

While the Amazon opportunity is massive, marketers need to be maximizing the potential of other emerging marketplaces. Walmart and Instacart present exciting, high-growth opportunities.

Holding other keys to your success.

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Reach the next level of success.

Reach the next level
of success.

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